Spotify Requests

Spotify Requests

PepeJAM with your chat

A plugin that listens to the chat of a given Twitch stream for messages with a Spotify song link in them and then adds that song to a playlist and/or your queue. The Spotify link must be at the start of the message in order to be picked up.

✔️ Message that WOULD be picked up:

!prefix pls play this, it's a bop

❌ Message that WOULD NOT be picked up:

!prefix this is a bop can you please play this



  • Go to the Spotify developer dashboard and create a new application. The app can have whatever name and description you want

  • Once the app is created, click on Edit Settings and add a redirect URL of http://localhost:8000/spotifyAuth (or whatever port you set in the plugin settings)

  • The playlist ID can be found by either:

  • Right-clicking on the playlist -> clicking Share -> Copy Spotify URI and then copying the ID after spotify:playlist: e.g. spotify:playlist:{THIS_STRING_IS_THE_ID})

  • Or by right-clicking on the playlist -> clicking Share -> Copy Link to Playlist and then copying the ID after and before the ?si= e.g.{THIS_STRING_IS_THE_ID}?si=12345123
  • If you have addToQueue toggled on, ensure you have the Spotify client open and that it is active (i.e. is playing a song)

  • If there's a problem with Spotify authorization at any point, try deleting the spotify-auth-store.json file and starting the app again


If you wish to have chat feedback, you require a token which you can generate at

You must also set the bot username to the name of the account you wish to use (must be the same account you generate the OAuth token for)

Use as a Plugin


  • A spotify account

Adding to Buttercat

  1. Install the plugin using npm install @buttercatbot/spotify-requests

  2. Create the plugin object and add it to Buttercat

     const plugin = SpotifyRequestsPlugin({
    	 commandPrefix: string,
    	 spotify: {
    		 clientId: string;
    		 clientSecret: string;
    	 authServer: {
    		 port: number;
    		 host: string;
     await myBot.addPlugin(plugin).initialize();


  1. Download Node.js

  2. Clone the repo and navigate to the plugins/spotify-requests directory

  3. Run npm install

  4. Follow the steps in the Setup section

  5. Create a ./.env file based on ./.env.template file and fill in the fields

  6. Run npm run start-standalone to start the bot

  7. Open the authorization link and give the app the required permissions

  8. Type a Spotify link in the chat (ensuring the link is the first piece of text in the message) and make sure it shows up in your desired playlist (Spotify links should start with